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GeoMax Newsletter:  September 2001

Discover 4.0
Discover 4.0 is now shipping. Remember that Discover is one license, one machine software. Pages 1 and 2 of the Users Guide list some of the new features in Version 4.0. Discover is an outstanding piece of software with many features, a large number of which are probably unappreciated or not known to many users.
Our Installation Experience 
Config Directory- A separate sheet lists some notes about installation, particularly do not uninstall Discover 3.0 but install right over it. If you are a user of Discover you are probably aware of the number of Style files, config. files, project files, etc. that can be set up and reused. The installation procedure backs up your 3.0 and writes the new 4.0. The installation procedure does offer you the option to write your existing configuration files to the new installation through a somewhat obtuse option in the Select Directories dialogue during installation. Here you should leave the button "Overwrite existing configuration files" unchecked. This will cause most of your old config files to be written to your new installation. We found that the LGtrans files (storing your custom coordinate transformations) did not come over nor did xs-projects files storing the drillhole module Project information. It appears that all others did come over. We had backed up all these files before and moved them over manually. They are also preserved in the backup made during the installation procedure. 
Startup.wor- The new installation procedure overwrites your existing Mapinfo>Startup.wor file. Back this up before the installation. The string to start Discover is placed in Startup.wor but it is not necessary and should be removed.  Our startup.wor only contained the command to run Vertical Mapper. This was gone so Vertical Mapper wouldn't start. Putting our original Startup.wor back in took care of this. 

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