GeoMax's approach to GIS in exploration emphasizes data integration, visualization and management geared towards the end user.  We specialize in the construction of GIS-ready datasets organized around what questions a user will be asking of the, and in the future.

In-house, we use MapInfo as our GIS engine, along with add-ons that are designed for geology and mineral exploration, and data management. We utilize other software as needed to both enhance our work and to make data capture and conversion more efficient.  We work to ARCINFO standards, and both use and provide data in several popular formats (including ArcView.) 

Structural Analysis Our approach emphasizes getting to the correct interpretation of geology and mineralization through field mapping and analysis, data set integration, and effective visual display. GIS is considered an important part of this effort. Unification of standard geological information with imagery is an integral part of our work. 

Digital Map Services GeoMax offers a full range of digital mapping services and special projects, maintains several in-house GIS ready datasets, and has expertise in the location of existing datasets and sources. 

Software Sales and Training In keeping with our emphasis on delivering computing power to the hands of the geologist, we sell the software that we use, and offer specialized training using mineral exploration datasets. We are resellers for MapInfo, Vertical Mapper, Discover and the GeoBasemap suite from Exa-Min (including MapLinker.) 

Data Products GeoMax produces custom GIS databases and integrated data sets for clients, as well as 'off the shelf' products of our own. 

Principals  George Smith and Cinda Graubard own and operate GeoMax.  Both are exploration geologists with many years of field experience, expertise in working with digital data and extensive academic training in all areas of Geology. As independent consultants and as GeoMax both have done work for the world's major mining and exploration companies and many of the world's active junior companies.

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