To optimize the discovery potential of your own data, you need the power which comes from combining just the right software to do the job.  To maximize your efficiency in everyday data handling you also need the right combination of software. The software needs to be easy to use and intuitive.  The software we use and recommend to other geologists has a short learning curve and a big payoff. 

A geologist working with the suite of software offered here can essentially view the MapInfo environment as their 'geological operating system,' ...turn on your computer and start MapInfo.  All your work is integrated in this single, interactive environment. All of the software we recommend works from within MapInfo, as add-ons. 

A partial list of what you can do using this combination of software includes:

  • Create maps that function as geological databases (see discussion)
  • Create maps and legends for hard copy output
  • Standardize display of units
  • Display and analyze geology, geochemistry, geophysics and more (as either vector or raster data) in a single environment
  • Display and analyze structural data
  • Create colorized, hill shaded grids from any point data
  • Work with DDH data (draw drill sections, cross sections, create map views, validate, composite and aggregate drill data)

Link to software products themselves to read more…

Vertical Mapper

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