MapInfo(V7.0) is the desktop mapping solution of choice for geoscientists.   It is an intuitive and powerful application that can effectively display and analyze geological information, as well as facilitate effective output.  MapInfo serves as the GIS engine and can be enhanced with several software add-ons which run exclusively with MapInfo (see below.)

MapInfo reads data from a variety of GIS, spreadsheet, and database sources, and can highlight previously unappreciated spatial relationships.  Its querying capabilities are robust and easy to use.  Version 6.5 offers more raster handling tools than ever before. 

For more information about MapInfo you can contact GeoMax, or link to the MapInfo site.

Discover(V5.0, by Encom) is used with MapInfo and creates an 'all in one,' INTEGRATED GIS FOR EARTH SCIENCES. It allows efficient and effective creation, display and analysis of geological information, including, but not limited to:

  • Scaled map production (titleblocks, grids, legends) 
  • Geological annotation (faults, folds, structure symbols) 
  • Map building utilities (attributed data entry, line smoothing, polygon building, standardized color and style libraries, geological symbols and patterns) 
  • Coordinate transformations 
  • Metadata tools (spatial cataloging, attributes, history) 
  • Drillhole data (cross section, plan, log, downhole data displays, sectional resource calculator, data validation, compositing) 
  • Enhanced Layer Control

For more information about MapInfo you can contact GeoMax, or link to the Encom site.

Geobasemap, a software suite produced by Exa-Min, allows standardization of data and provides a large geologic symbol and fill-pattern library. Other tools assist in creating topologically-correct data for sophisticated GIS database queries, create scale bars and map legends and provide 'shortcuts' to multi-step MapInfo functions.  MapLinker is a powerful cataloging and hot linking utility that organizes live data locally and across an enterprise network and can link multiple file types to MapInfo objects.

For more information about Geobasemap you can contact GeoMax, or link to the ExaMin site.

Vertical Mapper (V3.0,by Northwood/Marconi) creates contours or grids from point data, and through shading and coloring produces images that clearly display the full range of your data. It is particularly helpful for displaying geochemical data, geophyscial data and topography. It converts multiple file formats with built-in utilities, does grid math, renders sun-shaded and 3D views of gridded data and allows draping of vector tables on grids, such as geological maps on topography, or stream sediment geochemistry on geophysical grids. 

For more information about Vertical Mapper you can contact GeoMax, or link to the Northwood site.

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