GeoMax offers hands-on training for MapInfo (plus related software) and exploration.  Our course offerings range from those geared to first time users, to advanced use in exploration work.  The basic course work is written and presented in tutorial fashion.   The most successful courses we have taught have been those which are somewhat customized. 

The introductory courses are designed around chapters covering the basic MapInfo functions and using exercises and examples from geology and exploration.  The slightly more advanced courses are organized around categories of exploration problems/projects and have can involve up to four "Problems" attacked from different standpoints, while simultaneously covering the more advanced skills and tools in MapInfo and MapInfo add-on software.

Two "custom" aspects of these courses make them extremely successful:  (1) an advance questionnaire/survey of the attendees requesting input as to what they want to have covered, and (2) receipt of some set (or sets) of 'in-house' data to 'drop-in' to the tutorial(s) so that the exercises have tangible meaning for the participants. 

Using GeoMax for training is extremely effective for the end users in the exploration industry.   Exploration geologists who are also experts in GIS teach all of our courses.  The exploration examples are meaningful, the course book can be used as a reference manual for many commonly performed operations, and our instructors have a wealth of experience to be tapped during training sessions.  Opting for a customized course is well worth the extra investment of time and money as it is directed and focused, addressing geographic areas and topics of immediate significance to the end users.  All shared data is held STRICTLY confidential and proprietary. 

Cost and Duration:  Most courses run for 2 days, at your location, for up to 10 participants, with a set daily fee (as opposed to a per attendee charge.) You receive two color copies of the manual/tutorial, with a CD containing the data as well as a copy of the manual for your own reproduction. 

Contact GeoMax for more information, including example Table of Contents.

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