Lower Proterozoic Rocks and Faults
Concessions and Gold Deposits on DEM
West Africa Geology and Mineral Occurrences: A dataset for use in Geographic Information Systems

Version 1.1 2-10-98
Version 2.0 3-15-99
Version 3.0 in preparation 

Version 1.1 2-10-99
The dataset is compiled for use in a GIS. The primary data source is the publication Les mineralisations auriferes de l'Afrique de l 'Ouest or West African gold deposits edited by Jean-Pierre Milesi and published by the BRGM in 1989. The base map layers are from the Digital Chart of the World. The digital elevation model is from the 30 arc second data from the USGS. Additional deposit information has been added from Mining Journal and Mining Magazine. The dataset is available in MapInfo, ArcExport and ArcView GIS file formats and as Adobe pdf's.

This dataset is for use as a single copy and may not be distributed to others. Those wishing to do so should make arrangements with GeoMax.

Projection: Equidistant Cylindrical Datum: WGS 84

Description of the constituent files are provided as metadata geology.txt, metadata basemap.txt and metadata mineralization.txt. Attributes1.txt contains full field names for the geology or geo_poly file and it can also be used if one prefers to deal with the geologic attributes through a query or join table. Joining can be done on the Number field. Presently all the attributes are held in the geo_poly file. 

Attributing of the geology including lines and lithologies is derived from the text and legend of Milesi, 1989 and should be relatively clear on its own to a geologist familiar with the area or explicit with reference to the original text. 

The mineral occurrences and ore deposits are attributed with information from the legend of the original map, not directly from the tables in the text as these have no location information. The ore deposits could be partially referenced against the table in the text by name. The mineral occurrences on the map have no names and thus cannot be easily be referenced.

Version 2.0 3-15-99
The major additions are two files containing locations and information for approximately 49 concessions taken from Mining Journal, information on company websites and E&MJ and 53 new and updated mine, deposit, occurrence and target point information. Only information that could be located with some confidence on a map is included. There is overlap with the ore_deposits files from version 1.1. Both should be used and they could be combined and refined. The information here should not be considered comprehensive. 

Custom analysis, map production and/or reports avaiable. 

For question about this data set, custom work, pricing and purchase orders contact GeoMax.

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